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Concrete Polishing in Kamloops

Concrete Polishing in Kamloops

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Polished concrete is a great way to add a professional look to your floors with a bit design and decor. Using chemical densifiers and diamond grinding cup wheels, Rip It Up will polish concrete floors to enhance both their look and functionality. The polished concrete floors offer a combination of both robustness and style. Concrete floors can be polished in many different ways to fit different buildings and designs. Ask us about different our different decorative concrete options: colors, concrete dyes, stains, and patterns.

Polished concrete floors are environmentally friendly. Since it uses the already existing concrete floors it does not use the energy required to install additional floor coverings. This makes it a much more green flooring option, both for installation and for clean up and maintenance.

Concrete flooring is a versatile option for many different types of businesses, buildings and establishments. We offer concrete polishing for both industrial and commercial buildings. Retail outlets, warehouses, office buildings, private homes and dwellings, showrooms and more can all benefit from polished concrete flooring.

Maintenance is very minimal for polished concrete floors. It is suggested you clean the floors once a week using a mop, warm water, and soap. Chipping and denting is not a problem with polished concrete floors. They are very resilient and can endure a lot of stress and heavy use. The floors also reduce the risk of allergens, dust mites and mold growth. This is because it is difficult for these problems to find cracks or fissures to embed themselves in. Because of the low maintenance and high durability of polished concrete floors, their life cycle is significantly longer than other flooring alternatives. This allows you to save money by not having to replace your flooring as often.

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