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Decorative Concrete Kamloops

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Rip It Up offers a wide range of decorative concrete colors to fit many different scenes and color schemes. We are able to make custom colors to match the look and tone you want on your concrete surface. By combining different dyes in different ratios we are able to achieve a wide variety of colors and shades.

Concrete dyes offer a more vibrant display of colors than is possible with traditional acid staining methods of concrete coloring. This is especially true with purple, blue and yellow color selections.

Keep in mind that decorative concrete dyes are meant to enhance the look of concrete surfaces that are already in good condition. They are not an effective way to cover or hide existing scratches, blemishes or chips. If your concrete is damaged, it is recommended that you restore or resurface your concrete surface before applying any dyes or stains to it. This will ensure that your newly colored surface will be of high quality and looks.

Concrete Dye Colors

To make your concrete floor truly stand out and look its finest, add some of the colors below. Rip It Up can highlight and color any type of concrete floor with the 23 different colors show below. If you'd like a different color we offer custom mixing to achieve new colors. You can also chose multiple colors to decorate your floor if one isn't enough. Many different colors can compliment each other to look great. Don't hesitate to ask us for our professional opinion!

Concrete Dye Chart

Below are the different base colors we offer for decorative concrete. If you would like a different color we are able to combine these to create new shades and colors.