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The possibilities are endless! These floors are suitable for heavy industrial areas because of the hard wearing capabilities of concrete. They are similarly suited to hotels, bars and offices because of the natural stone finish. A colored, polished concrete floor systems is great for: showrooms, restaurants, retail store, service areas, garages, airports, grocery stores, hospitals, civic centers, sports arenas, lobbies, gyms, schools, exposition halls, manufacturing, warehouses, public buildings and much more.

No matter what design or color pattern is used, the polished concrete benefits are the same. If the decision is made to polish the concrete in advance of the concrete being poured, there is a stunning array of available options. Because integrally colored aggregate can be applied to the concrete mix, the polishing process will reveal these rich colors of these aggregates. And, off course, any of these options can be combined together or into a wide range of patterns.  These floors will all be economical, ecological, easy to clean, hard wearing, long lasting, dust free, slip resistant, UV and abrasion resistant, highly reflective, hygienic, dust and allergy free.