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Surface Preparation in Kamloops

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Rip It Up specializes in resurfacing, restoring and renewing of concrete surfaces. We can prepare the surface so it is ready for the next product's installation.

Old concrete can suffer from damage such as cracks, scratches, holes or dents. Restoration and resurfacing solutions can help your old concrete appear new again. There's no need to do a complete replacement. Restoring old damage concrete can save you time and money. Reduced work loads and fewer resources needed mean that restoring concrete will often be a big money saver.

Dated or damage concrete surfaces in need of restoration are the perfect time to upgrade the look of your flooring or surfacing. Concrete can be polished to a sheen and have decorative dyes, stains and colours added to it. The aging concrete surface can go from looking dated to brand new, to even better!

You can be confident that our services will be done right the first time, on time and on budget. Please contact us for a free estimate or call us at 250-320-3020

Surface Preparation for Coatings Application

Rip It Up also offers surface preparation for coatings application. We use top of the line concrete grinders prepare you concrete surfaces for the application of various other products.

We also offer flooring removal services. If you wish to remove or get rid of your old flooring we offer: